A Quiet Night of Art

I had a friend over on Saturday evening and we explored our arty side letting the muse have control.  We both had no idea what we were going to end up with.  It was freeing to start with no end goal in mind.  Her artwork came out beautiful but sadly I have no picture of it.  Here I posted mine and will explain the process.

I started out with a piece of watercolor paper and covered it with a mix of bronze/gold acrylic.  I then took a blend of red acrylic and covered the entire piece.  I tried the alcohol affect of dripping it on the paper and letting that marblize, but that had no effect whatsoever.  I did manage to spill the bottle and have it eat away at the finish of my table though.  Ah well, the sacrifice that art demands sometimes have to be met with a willing heart.  Since it didn’t work, I took a wet paper towel and wiped off the red giving the finish underneath a burnished look. 

I then tried another technique that I’ve seen but it didn’t work.  I tried the magazine transfer effect with gel medium.  Perhaps I didn’t wait long enough?  But it gave the background an aged effect.  I ran with it and painted what little I could see of the woman I tried to transfer.  Clearly, she was waiting to be transformed into what I can only surmise is a water sprite or goddess. 

Then I cut out the poem, honestly because I liked the frame.  I started to paint the frame, staying in the lines like a good girl.  Screw that!  I went wild with the flowers and vines and beaded gel.  Love it.

Magical Fishies

Next, I did the water effect with the heavy gel medium and added the swirls with the wood end of a paint brush.  I washed the water with watercolor.  I then felt that the water needed to show life.  I added the two magical fish.  Of course, there can’t be one magical fish…all magical fishies need friends.

I then added a fading red stamp effect at the top from the right side of the poem.  I finished it off by using fiber paste and making the water fall from the Lady’s hand into the water and painted that with watercolor to blend.

Much Love and Enjoy!


Happiness is kitties…

I’ve been having a sucky week.   Clumsy has moved in and is having a hard time realizing it’s not welcome.   What’s been happenning:  I spilled a wax pot all over the floor, my scanner is broken, dropped the camera, spilled brush water.  On top of it all, my determination to finally finish a long-term project got a kabosh when the Round Robin love letter got changed…must I go on?  I was frustrated, a little depressed, and wanted to curl up and hope the ceiling didn’t fall in on me.  Then I looked down at my art drawers and saw kitty happiness.  It cures everything…