Fear of Success

We’re working on our current fears on a group I’m involved in…it took me a while to really dig at what I’m currently afraid of and I was shocked at what I found.   Success means you have further to fall and more people are watching.  Here is what I drew in my art journal…


Remember the FREE course…

This is an art journal page from the course Art, Heart and Healing by Tam.  I just completed the first week and it was incredibly healing, fun and meditative.  I enjoyed it immensely and can’t wait to start the next week.  I highly encourage anyone to participate.  The first part isn’t really something you can sit down and do with a friend or loved one because it’s really baring your soul.   Perhaps there are some who can do that but I found it very personal.  The rest of it, however, can be done with or without another person.  I don’t mind either way.  I find that time just flies by when I’m working on art.  LOVE IT!

New Course At Willowing

This lady is someone I’d love to meet.  She has such a lovely spirit that radiates out in all her posts and videos.  She usually has courses that she offers at very reasonable prices.  Well, she has such a big heart that she is now offering a course for free or at a donation of your choice.  Times are tough and a lot of people can’t give but if you want to take the course and you can offer a donation, I would highly encourage it.  I did!