When I was In Alaska

I’ve been up in Alaska taking care of my mom after her neck surgery. It was a success and she’ll get a report from the doctor this coming week to make sure everything is healing as it should. While I was up there I got to see my sister and my two nieces.  I was so excited to see my family.

Michaela's Portrait
Michaela’s Portrait

My 10-year-old niece, Michaela, and I sat down and watched one of Tam’s instructional videos and sketched a portrait together.  Here is Michaela’s first portrait based on Tam’s instructions. 

Can you believe it?  It’s beautiful.  She was so inspired.  Now if her wonderful mother is reading this perhaps she’ll follow the link and get the video for her daughter.  No pressure sis!   Or if you, dear reader, are inspired then you can buy it for your child or yourself.  It really is therapeutic and keeps you engaged doing something other than watching television. 


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  1. jacquee renfro
    Oct 14, 2010 @ 15:31:28

    That is such a great picture, your neice must get her talent from her mother.;) I will be getting her the dvd. She really enjoyed having her time with you as did I. Miss you lots sis.Love ya


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