Not Whimsically Happy

Ok, you can’t be happy with everything you produce and that was certainly the case with this piece. 

Flying Before

Now she’s obviously done in a whimsical style.  And I had different expectations of the finished product to the point where I really didn’t like and was disappointed by the finished result.  Ok, deep breath.  Instead of discarding her, I decided to take another look.  What wasn’t making me happy about the picture.  There didn’t seem to be any depth in the background colors. 
So, I played with the watercolor a little more.  The stars were just blah, so I painted them silver and put little whimsy tails on their points (I don’t know if I’m quite satisfied with that yet).  I softened up the face a little by covering the nose and the bottom of the eyes with pink acrylic and added softer shading.  I then added white acrylic here and there and brayed it.  I had a happy surprise because it added a cloud effect to the earth.  I added red glitter embossing powder to her hair and made it look like it was flaming.  I also added swirls and moved the little saying. 
I’m much happier with the second try and I’m glad I didn’t just quit.  I learned a little more on my art. 

Flying After

All in all my point of the painting was to emphasize letting yourself soar with a hobby or activity that you enjoy (ergo her riding a paintbrush).  Life is too short and we shouldn’t hold back.  Do you really want to wait until you’re in your 70s when your eyesight is worse and your joints are sore and you may not have the endurance you once did?  No!  Don’t wait!!  Now is the time.  Let Your Spirit Soar.

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Randee
    Oct 26, 2010 @ 07:24:23

    Love the ethereal feeling of this one, she’s happy, her spirit is free!


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