New Course At Willowing

This lady is someone I’d love to meet.  She has such a lovely spirit that radiates out in all her posts and videos.  She usually has courses that she offers at very reasonable prices.  Well, she has such a big heart that she is now offering a course for free or at a donation of your choice.  Times are tough and a lot of people can’t give but if you want to take the course and you can offer a donation, I would highly encourage it.  I did!


Elf Bliss

Autumn Bride

I’ve been working on this piece since the first part of the finished, “Let Your Spirit Soar” piece. I started it at work while waiting for clients. Now, I could be filing or putting my clients into a nifty database, but there’s nothing like procrastination to inspire creativity.

Autumn is here and I absolutely love the colors of the leaves in New England in the fall. I’ve lived and visited all over the United States and I can tell you there’s nothing more colorful in these states in the fall than a New England foliage. Even though this year is a little dull due to the little rain and unnatural hot weather, they are still more brilliant than other places. 

Autumn Bride Sepia

So, I’ve drawn something to commemorate the season: something a little magical. She’s done with colored pencils and water colors to add intensity. I also took the picture in sepia just for fun and liked the effect, so I’ve included it too.

Not Whimsically Happy

Ok, you can’t be happy with everything you produce and that was certainly the case with this piece. 

Flying Before

Now she’s obviously done in a whimsical style.  And I had different expectations of the finished product to the point where I really didn’t like and was disappointed by the finished result.  Ok, deep breath.  Instead of discarding her, I decided to take another look.  What wasn’t making me happy about the picture.  There didn’t seem to be any depth in the background colors. 
So, I played with the watercolor a little more.  The stars were just blah, so I painted them silver and put little whimsy tails on their points (I don’t know if I’m quite satisfied with that yet).  I softened up the face a little by covering the nose and the bottom of the eyes with pink acrylic and added softer shading.  I then added white acrylic here and there and brayed it.  I had a happy surprise because it added a cloud effect to the earth.  I added red glitter embossing powder to her hair and made it look like it was flaming.  I also added swirls and moved the little saying. 
I’m much happier with the second try and I’m glad I didn’t just quit.  I learned a little more on my art. 

Flying After

All in all my point of the painting was to emphasize letting yourself soar with a hobby or activity that you enjoy (ergo her riding a paintbrush).  Life is too short and we shouldn’t hold back.  Do you really want to wait until you’re in your 70s when your eyesight is worse and your joints are sore and you may not have the endurance you once did?  No!  Don’t wait!!  Now is the time.  Let Your Spirit Soar.

She Has Color!

Letting Go

I tried my hand at sketching another portrait while at the same time trying to find my own whimsical style.  I’m not quite there.  I think it’s because the shapes happen rather by accident or perhaps it is that they come together rather by accident.  So, I don’t know if I could look at something and say, that’s my style.  I’m sure as future drawings come to life I will see similarities in those and the earlier one’s I’ve produced.   Or perhaps that’s a fallacy of thought and there won’t be anything remotely the same.  I don’t care; I’m enjoying the journey! 

This first lovely lady is done in graphite pencil and you’ll notice she’s quite a bit more heavily shaded than my first graphite drawing.  I was trying not to be fearful in ruining her.  I’m noticing that happens when I’m drawing.  I get to a point where I say, “It’s good enough.  Don’t add another line because if it’s wrong you’ll ruin it!  And look at all the work you’ve done!!”  Well, that would be my critical self talking and she needs to stick a sock in it.  I’m trying to let my inner child out who has been stuck in the cupboard under the stairs.  We all know the wondrous world discovered and the potential for magical happenings once that kid is let out.   She’s banging on the door pleading to be let out!  She’s so cute and precious and full of love.  Let her out into the sunshine for goodness sake!! 

Painted and Ready

So, letting her out lead me to the second part: painting.  It was a hard process.  The frustration I had when each line or color didn’t match what I saw on the tutorial was agonizing at times.  That’s when I realized critical self was sticking her nose into the mailbox slot and yelling out her opinions (you see, because at this time, I’ve already evicted her and she hasn’t quite gotten the hint).  I have to say though that I’m really quite pleased with the final piece.  I can look at it and say, I did that and be happy.  I can’t wait to see what the future holds for my artwork.


The earth cries
I turn away
I hear it.

The earth screams
I cover my ears
I hear it.

The earth sighs
I sigh
Finally I’m listening.

My First Painting

10 Year Anniversary

This is a mixed media painting that I have just finished today.  I made it for my husband for our 10-year anniversary.  I know that I have a lot to learn in terms of art, but it was a lot of fun to make.  And my husband has been so supportive.  When I first started on it I was really into it and before I knew it more than 4 hours had past.  Yes, it took me FOUR hours because I was trying to get the detail on the face and the proportions on the body correct.  It didn’t work out how I intended.  For example, I was trying to get her in a cetain pose with her hip jutted up (is that even a word?) and her leg back.  It ended up looking as if she’s walking and her legs are somehow not long enough.

I used a part of a tissue wrapping my husband gave me in a gift as part of the painting (it’s in the tree).  For my next painting I think I might cover an entire board.  I really like the dimensional effect it gives when you’re looking at it live. 

Notice the hearts…yep that’s part of the dream.


My First Portrait

Drawing a Face 1st AttemptI just ordered a tutorial on DVD from called Fabulous Faces.  It’s a tutorial on how to draw faces in three different poses and in a few different mediums.  This is the first drawing I did.  I can see places that need a little bit more shading to blend.  The eyes look very serene.  I didn’t mean for that to happen.  I didn’t draw enough of the pupil so she looks dreamy eyed.  The style doesn’t look very realistic but it’s not meant to.  I’m sure I could use the techniques taught to learn to draw more realistic portraits, but that really isn’t my goal.

It’s really very satisfactory to produce this when I had no idea how to do anything at all.  The bonus about doing this is the instructor on the DVD and the people on the site are all really very encouraging.

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